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  • Rental Qualification Requirements

    Good Credit (Verified on Co-Signer or Applicant if Applicable)

    • Verifiable Social Security Number

    • “Good” Defined as no more than 20% negative standing accounts; no pending tax/state liens; no
      prior foreclosures; a positive mortgage or rental history is required. Zero balances are not
      included as “bad”.

    • All outstanding balances to other apartment communities as a public record must be satisfied
      prior to approval. Proof of payment plan or proof of the account being paid off. Foreclosures will be considered.

    Verifiable Employment and Salary Requirements

    • Each individual lease holder must make three times the monthly rent.
    • Co-Signer’s are permitted and must sign the ‘Parental Guarantee’.
    • If Self-Employed, Retired, or Salary cannot be verified we must receive the following:
      • A copy of the most current signed tax return and W-2, 1099, Schedule C or F
      • Bank statements for the preceding six months in entirety
      • Pay 6 months of rent in advance if no proof of income is available.

    Criminal Reports (Verified on applicant/resident)

    • No Felonies on record
    • No drug related or burglary misdemeanors will be accepted

    Verifiable, Good Rental Reference (at least one year of history)

    • No money owed, no damages, satisfactory payment history
    • No evictions; Foreclosures will be considered
    • No evictions; Foreclosures will be considered

    Required Liability Insurance

    • Resident is required to secure personal liability insurance coverage for entire lease term o Coverage in the amount of not less than $100,000 by “A” rated insurance carrier
    • Coverage in the amount of not less than $100,000 by “A” rated insurance carrier
    • Resident must provide proof by way of Certificate of Insurance at time of lease signing

    A final decision will be made based on all of the collected information.

    The undersigned acknowledges that Cranberry Woods may verify any and all of the above, including but not limited to credit history and criminal background information.

    The Regional Manager/Chief Operating Office will be the final decision when any credit or criminal is in question.