Our Team

Jimmie Grow

Jimmie Grow

Head of Maintenance

Jimmie has a wealth of skills in all things maintenance-related under his (tool) belt, including plumbing, electrical work, drywall work, painting, appliance repair, and snow removal, making him an extremely valuable member of the Cranberry Woods Townhomes team, and someone we are very lucky to have running our Maintenance Department.

Jimmie also manages all HVAC repair on the property, and is dedicated to top-notch customer service, supervising the turnover process to make sure our homes and apartments are in peak condition for new tenants to move into. After graduating from high school, Jimmie studied to become EPA and HVAC Certified, before embarking on a 25-year (and counting) career in maintenance at Pikeview Manor Apartments and Wendy’s.

Outside of work, you can find Jimmie enjoying his leisure time fishing, hunting, and watching soccer and football.

Barry Martin

Barry Martin

Maintenance Technician

Barry is responsible for assisting our Head of Maintenance, Jimmie, with all of the day-to-day work required to keep our tenants’ homes in perfect condition. Especially skilled in drywall work and plumbing, Barry graduated from high school before studying electronics for three years, resulting in Class A Electronic Technician Certification. He also holds a Class A CDL Driver’s License.

Barry has been with Cranberry Woods for about a year and a half after retiring from PepsiCola, where he was a route salesman for 28 years. With approximately 35 years of maintenance work to his name (he has been undertaking repair work his entire adult life), Barry is the ideal person to call on when something needs fixing.

When he’s not helping Jimmie keep Cranberry Woods Townhomes looking good, you will find Barry enjoying the great outdoors; however, he is keen to stress that his hobbies do not include rock climbing!

Rene’ Moore

Rene' Moore

Property Manager

Rene’’s hands are certainly kept full, responsible as she is for managing all of the employees here at Cranberry Woods Townhomes while maintaining the property and enhancing value and quality for our residents. She is also in charge of settling resident complaints, something that often brings her skills in problem-solving and diplomacy to the fore.

Rene’ specializes in hands-on learning - something that has certainly stood her in good stead for her seven-plus-year career in property management. Before joining Cranberry Woods, Rene’ held the position of Resident Manager at another local luxury apartment complex.

Rene’’s hobbies and interests are varied, and when she’s not on the clock you may find her cooking, reading, hiking, or hunting for wildflowers!